USA – T-Mobile Unlimited data/calls/texts

Prepaid sim card for the USA

  • USA Prepaid Sim Card
  • Unlimited data, calls and texts
  • Valid for 30 days after online activation
  • For all product information, please scroll down this page.

Package is all-in and ready to use data without buying anything else.

Network provider



Unlimited data valid in USA
– Unlimited data gives 50 GB up to 4G/LTE speed, afterwards 2G speed
– Hotspot plan can be added from the product menu (only up to 10 GB)
– Valid for 30 days after activation (you can self choose a starting date – after ordering)
– T-Mobile network

Calling and SMS
– Your local USA mobile number
– Unlimited Calling to USA numbers
– Unlimited SMS messages to USA numbers

Unlimited International call credit option (+ € 19,95)
Call and SMS any number in the USA and the rest of the world.

Network coverage map
https://www.t-mobile.com/coverage/coverage-map (Partner networks not included)

This package is delivered all-in so you don’t need anything else for data and calls.
Compatible with any unlocked smartphone, mifi device or laptop 3G/4G-dongle.
For 4G/LTE and 3G T-Mobile requires support for 1700 and 2100 MHz frequencies (AWS band)

Receiving calls

It’s FREE to receive calls and sms messages from any destination in the world.

Making calls
Add an UNLIMITED international call bundle for € 19,95.
Valid to call all of Europe from the USA.

Data bundleUnlimited data, valid for 30 days after activation
NetworkT-Mobile USA and partner networks in Mexico
ValiditySim card is valid for 30 days after activation
ActivationActivation is done online
ID registrationThis sim card doesn’t require an ID registration
Longterm ContractNo, it’s pay as you go (prepaid)
Phoning possibleYes
Tethering possibleOptional plan, up to 10 GB only
Useable in SIM Lock PhonesNo
Smartphone compatibleYes
Tablet compatibleNo
Frequency compatibility700/1700/1900/2100 MHz

Sim Card types
Q: Which sim card type do I need?
A: We deliver a 3-in-1 sim card which contains all sizes (Standard, Micro, Nano)

Complete package
Q: Is this package complete or do I need other products/items?
A: Our USA sim card packages have all bundles included. You don’t need anything else to use the product. We want to keep it as simple as possible for our customers, so there is no hassle with our products.

Different order address than invoice
Q: I want my order to be delivered on another address than my invoice address.
A: This is possible, you can mention a different shipping address during checkout.

Buy sim cards in a store
Q: Is it possible to buy in a store?
A: Unfortunately we only have an online store at the moment, but keep asking and we will have shops everywhere soon!

Shipping time
Q: What is the average time for shipping to my country?
A: See our shipping page with the average delivery time.

Recharge sim card
Q: Can I recharge my sim card with additional credit?
A: Yes, this is possible for call credit and mobile data.

USA top up page:

Mexico Sim cards (data+voice service)
Q: For what destinations can I use the call credit?
A: Mexico/USA/Canada calls are unlimited and for other destinations there is an amount of international call credit you may add to the sim card.

Check used data over time
Q: How do I know what my used data is (per day and total)?
A: By installing a simple app e.g. “dataman” you will see the amount of MB used per day and total MB used over a period.

Lifetime sim card
Q: How long will I able to use the sim card?
A: Sim cards are valid for the time listed with the package.

Questions that are not in this FAQ
Q: How can I contact you?
A: Please contact us by email, chat or phone.

Product Enquiry

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