About us

Prepaidzero, founded in 2013, is a concept by Internet Advertising Solutions BV, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

In addition to internet advertising, the company possesses extensive knowledge in worldwide telecommunication services.
Since 2013, we have been helping travelers around the world save money on phone and internet charges.

We offer ready-to-use (e)SIM cards (data with optional calls and texts), perfect for those who don’t want to waste time during their travels. Simply step off the airplane, and your (e)SIM card is ready for data and/or calling!

You’ll benefit from packages that offer great rates for mobile data and international calling. Visit our product pages to place your order.

Enjoy high-speed 5G internet with optional calls and texts that you can add to your SIM card. We are committed to delivering an easy-to-use product tailored to your needs.

Company details

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