Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping and Delivery

See our Shipping page with the average delivery times per country/region.

Occasionally it happens that shipments are delayed by customs controls or general mail delays.
In such cases you can return your sim card after your trip for a refund.
Please use the contact form to contact us if this happens.

It is possible to select the DHL Express option in the order check-out process for fast delivery.
Shipping times can also be found on our shipping page.

No, it is not possible to purchase the sim card at the airport or regular stores.
Our sim cards can only be ordered online, we do offer worldwide shipping, and we can also directly send the sim card to your hotel/staying address.

Your order will be shipped from the Netherlands, Amsterdam.

Yes, our sim cards are shipped to all destinations in the world. For shipping times see our shipping page.

Please contact our support department by using our contact form.

Sim Card Support

Yes, the sim card will be shipped with an instruction letter.
Should you still have questions, please let us know by using the contact form.

It depends on the type of sim card.
Some sim cards require activation and some do not.
How this works for your sim card will be mentioned in the instruction letter or product page.

Our sim cards are compatible with all modern smartphones. It is important to check if your smartphone is sim lock free.
Please note that some regions may use alternative GSM frequencies. Used frequencies are mentioned in the product summary.

We deliver a 3-in-1 sim card, which contains the Standard, Micro and Nano size, in one single chip.

It is possible to top-up your sim card from here:

It depends on the type of sim card. You can find this information at the product page.
If it remains unclear, please contact us to check. You can contact our support department via our contact form.

Please carefully read the instruction paper. Try to restart your phone and wait a few minutes for service to be found.
Please contact our support department via the contact form when the problem persist.

This will be mentioned in the instruction paper. If it is not mentioned, it is unfortunately not possible to check data usage.
You can use the data usage overview in the settings of your smartphone.