AT&T + T-Mobile – USA – 12 to 24 GB data/calls

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AT&T + T-Mobile – USA – 12 to 24 GB data/calls

Prepaid sim card for the USA

  • Choose from 12 GB to 24 GB
  • Optionally add call minutes/texts
  • Valid 30-60 days after first use (see table below on page)
  • All sim cards come in the 3-in-1 sim format (standard/micro/nano)
  • For all product information, please scroll down this page.
Package is all-in and ready to use data without buying anything else.

Prepaid SIM cards working on both AT&T and T-Mobile network

Available packages Validity from first use
L-12 GB (smartphones only) 30 days 35,00 EUR
XL-12 GB (all devices)
Difference with the L-12 GB package is a longer validity of 60 days + this XL version works with all devices.
60 days 55,00 EUR
XXL-24 GB (all devices)
Please note, limited to 12 GB usage per 30 days.
60 days 75,00 EUR

Unlimited International call bundle option
Call any number in the USA + EU countries
Bundle price: € 14,95

Please note:

– Our USA SIM cards DO NOT work outside the US.

– This product comes with a UK based number as we use an international provider (which also operates in the US)
If you do require a SIM card with a US number, we have the following sim cards:
AT&T – 15 GB
AT&T – Unlimited
T-Mobile – Unlimited

Not all phones work in the US, please verify whether your phone is compatible using the IMEI-number of your phone:

Phones with status “fully compatible” will work without issues.
If your phone is “partial or not compatible” it may only work on 2G speeds.

Activation process

The SIM is activated from our website, we will activate your SIM on the date you provide in our activation form.
Instructions will be delivered with the SIM card. This can already be done from home/office in your own country.

Network coverage
AT&T (AT&T prepaid tab)
As you are using a mobile broadband sim card that works with both T-Mobile and AT&T, you are assured of a quality connection.

Internet sharing

It’s not allowed to share your internet connection with the smartphone or tablet “hotspot” function.
However, you can use a MiFi router or dongle to share the internet.
Please note that only the (all devices) options listed in the product table above can be used with MiFi devices.

Other products which do allow tethering/hotspot usage can be found below:
AT&T – 15 GB
AT&T – Unlimited
T-Mobile – Unlimited

Top ups 
Recharging can be done online, from our top up page:

Receiving calls
It’s FREE to receive calls and SMS messages from any destination in the world.

Making calls
Add an UNLIMITED call bundle valid to call USA+ EU countries for only € 14,95.

Data bundles – L-12 GB for 30 days
– XL-12 GB for 60 days
– XXL-24 GB for 60 days
International calls Optionally add it to your sim card from the order menu
Network T-Mobile + AT&T
Validity Data bundle valid from 30-60 days
Activation Using our website activation form
ID registration This sim card is pre-registered, no ID needed.
Longterm Contract No, it’s pay as you go (prepaid)
Phoning possible Yes, if call credit was added.
Tethering possible No
Useable in SIM Lock Phones No
Smartphone compatible Yes, for all packages
Tablet compatible Yes, only for packages (XL-12 GB and XXL-24 GB)
Mifi/dongle  Yes, only for packages (XL-12 GB and XXL-24 GB)
Frequencies 700/850/1700/1900/2100 MHz

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