The Royal Dutch Touring Club

ANWB has done a MiFi performance test amongst several providers to test their performance for data roaming in Europe.
Prepaidzero has won the test (December 2015) based on the following criteria:

  • Highest download speeds
  • Longest battery performance



Website covering every aspect of the Android Eco System

Androidworld needed a total of 3 sim cards (5 GB each) during the Mobile World Congress (2016).
During their test they were fortunate to have their conference team 4G-connected.
It’s named as one of the Tech items that they recommend having during their trip.



Website about internet, smartphones and tablet news.
Eigenwijsheid named Prepaidzero for local sim cards and European data roaming.


Economic News Website

TheMarker named Prepaidzero as a global initiative to obtain local sim cards, with an average price of 30 euro.
The sim card is retrieved at home/office before going abroad.