China Prepaid eSIM – 5 GB to 20 GB

From  7,50
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China Prepaid eSIM – 5 GB to 20 GB

China Prepaid eSIM - 5 GB to 20 Data 

  • Prepaid eSIM for all of China
  • See product information below for supported countries
  • Validity from 7 - 30 days
  • eSIM delivered by email
  • For all product information, please scroll down this page
eSIM is all-inclusive and ready to use. eSIM works immediately after installation. Phone must have an eSIM chip (see eSIM phones tab)

Prepaid Data eSIM for China

Bundle options
1 GB Data for 7 days: € 7,50
2 GB Data for 15 days: € 10,00
3 GB Data for 30 days: € 12,50
5 GB Data for 30 days: € 17,50
10 GB Data for 30 days: € 29,95
20 GB Data for 30 days: € 49,95

Ordering, activation and installation
The eSIM can be ordered in advance, as the validity of this eSIM only starts after installation.
Bundle will automatically be activated after installation.

Supported phones
On eSIM Phones tab above you can find smartphones that support eSIM.
In case your phone is not listed, please double check whether your phone has an eSIM chip.
If you’re not sure, please contact us so we can check this for you.

Advantages of using PrepaidZero

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