Australia – 12 GB (MiFi/Tablet/Dongles)

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Australia – 12 GB (MiFi/Tablet/Dongles)

  • Package is all-inclusive and ready to use
  • 12 GB Prepaid Sim Card
  • Valid for 60 days after first use (see table below on page)
  • All sim cards come in the 3-in-1 sim format (standard/micro/nano)
  • For all product information, please scroll down this page.

Use our Prepaid Sim anywhere in Australia
This card has all bundles included which gives you 12 GB of data,
using the premium 3G network from Vodafone and Optus. Call and text credit can be added optionally.
Our package is delivered all-in so you don’t need anything else to use data.

Bundle information
This package contains 12 GB of data.
Valid for 60 days after first use.

Supported devices
Compatible with mifis, tablets and dongles.

Internet sharing
It’s NOT allowed by the provider to share your tablet’s internet connection with the personal hotspot function.
Instead you can use a MiFi device for this purpose, which is supported for internet sharing.

No activation required, data and call credit is available at first use automatically.

Orders can be placed at earliest 6 months before travelling.
You can be sure that your sim card is valid in those cases.

Network coverage
You’ll be using a sim card which connects to the quality Vodafone and Optus network.
Vodafone and Optus have Australia’s best network coverage.

Top ups
Please note that data top ups are currently not possible with the 12 GB sim card.

– Data bundle valid for 60 days after first use
– 3G internet
– Top ups possible at any time
– No daily data limits

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