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All of Europe – Calls/texts only

€ 12,50

All of Europe – Voice/Text sim cardimages

  • All of Europe Prepaid Sim Card
  • From 50 to 1000 minutes (see destinations below on page)
  • Valid from 180 days after activation
  • For all product information, please scroll down this page.

Package is all-inclusive and ready to use.

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Prepaid Sim card for Europe.
One sim card, valid FROM the following countries
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,  United Kingdom.

For calls/texts TO these countries (landlines + mobiles)
Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, India, Israel, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, China.

Available packages

Nr. Package Price Validity period
1 50 Minutes/Texts to landlines + mobiles € 12,50 180 days EUR
2 100 Minutes/Texts to landlines + mobiles € 25,00 180 days EUR
3 150 Minutes/Texts to landlines + mobiles € 37,50 180 days EUR
4 200 Minutes/Texts to landlines + mobiles € 50,00 180 days EUR
5 300 Minutes/Texts to landlines + mobiles € 75,00 180 days EUR
6 400 Minutes/Texts to landlines + mobiles € 100,00 180 days EUR
7 500 Minutes/Texts to landlines + mobiles € 125,00 180 days EUR
8 1000 Minutes/Texts to landlines + mobiles € 250,00 180 days EUR

Sim cards are activated online from our portal.
The validity of the package starts once activated online, and is then valid for 180 days.

Orders can be placed at earliest 6 months before travelling.
You can be sure that your sim card is valid in those cases.

Quality network
As you are using a mobile broadband sim card that works with existing local providers, you are assured of a quality connection.
Example networks are: KPN, O2, E-Plus, Bouygues,  and many more local networks in Europe.

Top ups
Recharging can be done online, from your MyAccount area.

– Complete all-in package, no other products/items needed.
– Top ups possible at any time

Package is all-in and ready to use data without buying anything else.
Questions? Take a look at our FAQ, drop us an email or use phone / online chat.

Voice/texts Select the amount of call/text minutes from the product's menu
Network Various networks in Europe
Validity 180 days from activation
Activation Sim card is activated online from our website
Longterm Contract No, it's pay as you go (prepaid)
Phoning and SMS possible Yes
Tethering possible No
Useable in SIM Lock Phones No
Smartphone compatible Yes, all platforms
Tablet compatible No
Mifi/dongle No
Device compatible Any (900/1800 MHz) + UMTS 900/2100 MHz supported device.
Call minutes / texts can be used to reach the following countries
Czech Republic
Hong Kong
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States


Sim Card types
Q: Which sim card type do I need?
A: We deliver a 3-in-1 sim card, which contains the Standard, Micro and Nano size, in one single chip.

All-in package
Q: Is this package all-in or do I need other products/items?
A: Our european sim card packages have all bundles included so that you don't need anything else to use the data bundles mentioned at the product. We want to keep it as simple as possible for our customers, so there is no hassle with our products.

Support from Prepaidzero 
Q: Do I receive any support from Prepaidzero when I have a problem?
A: Absolutely. Please contact us per email, online chat or phone and we will reply to your inqueries as soon as possible and will try to resolve any problem that you might encounter.

Different order address than invoice
Q: I want my order to be delivered on another address than my invoice address.
A: No problem, you can enter a different shipping address during checkout.

Buy sim cards in a store
Q: Is it possible to buy your sim cards in a store?
A: Unfortunately we only have an online store at the moment, but keep asking and we will have shops everywhere soon!

Bulk orders 
Q: We are a company and need sim cards in bulk, do you have special arrangements for that?
A: Sure, we will take a look at your request and try to give you a proposal that accordingly fits to your needs as good as possible. Please contact us via the contact form.

Shipping costs of more than one order
Q: I ordered more than one product and want to have them shipped together, is this possible?
A: We will automatically bundle all your orders together (if all are placed within two hours) and will also refund shipping costs that have occured more than once automatically.

Shipping time
Q: What is the average time for shipping to my country?
A: See our shipping page with the average delivery time.

Top ups
In your MyAccount you can top up online for more data or call balance.

Check used data over time
Q: How do I know what my used data and or call balance is ?
A: Upon activation of the sim card you will receive a sms which mentions the url to check your balance.

Lifetime sim card
Q: How long will I able to use the sim card?
A: Our sim cards can be used for 180 days and then require a top up.
For data bundle expiry times, see our product information.

Questions that are not in this FAQ

Q: How can I contact Prepaidzero?
A: Contact us by email, online chat or phone.