Prepaidzero founded in 2013, is a concept of Internet Advertising Solutions BV which is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
The company has next to internet advertising also an extensive knowledge in worldwide telecommunication services.
Since 2013, we help travelers around the world save money on phone and internet charges.

We offer you ready to use sim card packages (data or calling) specially for people that don’t want to waste their travel time.
You just step out of the airplane and are ready to use the sim card for data and/or calling!

You’ll profit from packages that offer you great rates for mobile data and international calling.
See our product pages and order from there.

The networks you are calling/surfing with have a 3G-network and in some places 4G internet.
We are sure to deliver you an easy product tailored to your needs.

Company details

  • Internet Advertising Solutions B.V.
  • Prof. R. Casimirstraat 34-D
  • 1068 KC Amsterdam
  • The Netherlands
  • VAT-NR: NL852398001B01
  • KvK-NR: 57003556

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